dish head shotHello world, my name is Colleen Cimador.  I arrived here in 1973 and it’s been a great ride with some bumps along the way.  My parents were a huge influence on my life. Little did I know my “before her time” mother was a huge introduction to what I would have to do later in life to heal my family.  We were planting our own gardens and buying organic before health food stores were for anyone other than those wearing Birkenstocks.  My father taught me how to play basketball which landed me in my University’s Hall of Fame.  I went into online sports advertising sales for CBS SportsLine for the greater part of my professional career.  It was a male dominated cut throat sales job.   I like to think that both of these roles helped to prepare me for what I had to deal with in the future.   Throughout all of this time I was a belly laughing, enjoy life to the fullest kind of girl.  Then IT happened… I married a wonderful man moved to the burbs and became pregnant.  My former carefree self turned into an uptight, anal, hovering mother before I bought my first pair of maternity pants.  I tried to do everything right from the day I found out.  Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned.  Sometimes doing everything that you are supposed to do on paper is not taking the right path.  Following your gut and the voice you hear after praying can be the right road too.  When my family’s health issues began was the day I started to ask questions, research and follow my own instincts more.  That said, I was so lost and overwhelmed at first.  I want to save anyone who is coming here all of the confusion and heartache that I had experienced.  I want to give you a road map to health and healing.  I’m not a medical Doctor but I hate to say it, sometimes being a mother beats credentials.  That said, don’t sue me:)  I have done things under  the RIGHT doctors supervision and read more books than I care to admit.   I am also a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City and am a certified holistic health coach.  I would love to share with others what I have learned as we are currently in the middle of a worsening epidemic with our children being sick and medicated.  Enough is enough and I hope to reach as many people as possible to give a wake up call before their child or family becomes yet another statistic.  So please take a look around, ask questions… I’m here for you and let the healing begin!


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