Bianca: A Story of Inspiration and Recovery

Mothers determined bannerLast week I boarded a plane and left the family for a longer time than I had in the last decade.  I attended the AutismOne conference in Chicago.  This conference was about sharing the latest products, ideas, protocols, technology, research and hope with those seeking a cure for Autism.   The conference was packed.  You could sense a feeling of desperation in some of the parents eyes.  After all, what on earth is more important than finding a way to ease the pain of your suffering child?  What else trumps the day that you can finally hear your child tell you that they love you?  How about the feeling of  wrapping your arms around them for a hug without them feeling uncomfortable to touch?  These are just a few of the things these families deal with that many of us take for granted.

I was with six other authors who have all recovered their children from chronic illness (books listed below.) Most of them had children with autism but there were a host of issues that were cured including; ADHD, sensory processing disorder, life threatening food allergies, autoimmune disease, the list goes on….  Kathleen DiChiara of The Hidden Connection cured herself and her family of 21 chronic conditions two of which were her own paralysis and her son’s autism.  We were there to talk about our experiences and offer hope and advice to those still struggling.

We would stand at our post and speak to mothers, fathers and grandparents about the current status of their child’s health.  Some would well up with tears as soon as we asked because the wounds, the pain and the struggles were so intense.

bianca and IThis was our daily schedule until a little spark of energy came up to my table.  I said, “Hi, what’s your name?” She happily replied, “My name is Bianca and I’m 10.  I used to be on the spectrum, but I’m fine now.  My brother isn’t there yet but he will be.”  I looked over and saw her autistic brother running around the room as his mother chased him, at times throwing himself on the floor and screaming.  Bianca wasn’t phased.  You see Bianca was also autistic.  She was a bright young girl who spoke 3 different languages by age 3.  She then regressed and lost her ability to converse, lost motor skills and began banging her head.  She was put into a special ed program.  After 5 years of treatment and working on her condition, she is now in the talented and gifted program at her school with an IQ of 133.  She is nothing short of a joy to speak with and she is so full of love, hope and potential.  This is the crime of it all.  How many other children are in need of treatment so they too can share their talents with the world?  What if her parents listened to the doctors that told them, Bianca can’t recover from autism and you need to make plans for her care in the future.  Bianca’s future is night and day from what it was supposed to be. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in this life.

As Bianca’s mom told me, “She is a ham and would love to do a review of your book”.   Bianca read the book and said it was her favorite and she loved every page.  I can’t tell you how much that bianca and fathertouched me.   Bianca’s father was also gracious enough to be interviewed.  As you can see for yourself, the pain, the triumph and the emotional rollercoaster that is recovery is worn on his sleeve.  Click on the video links to watch them speak to fully understand their journey and to hear Bianca’s glowing review of, The Race To Recovery! 



I will never forget this family and I know Bianca’s brother will one day reach his full potential as well.  Recovery is real!

The Hidden Connection, Kathleen DiChiara CHHC

Almost Autism, Maria Rickert Hong CHHC, FNC

Healing ADHD and Asperger’s Without Hurting, Jennifer Giustra-Kozek LPC

All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet, Sheri Davis

Victory Over Autism, Mary Romaniec

Are You In There? Marcia Hinds


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