Dairy Free

dairy freeYou may be wondering, “What is all this talk about going dairy free and what the hell is casein?  I’ve already heard people yapping about the benefits of going gluten free now I have to worry about going dairy free?”  I wish I could tell you that it’s a new health craze or the latest fad in dieting but I would be lying through my teeth.

So let’s answer the first question which is what is casein?  Casein is the protein primarily found in milk and other dairy products but can also be used as a binding agent in numerous other foods.  You may have heard many child with autism is should remove gluten and casein from their diet.  As I have stated throughout this site, neurological and biological symptoms of autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, inflammation, food allergies, obesity and even asthma can be tied back to gut health.  Two of the worst offenders in damaging stomach health along with sugar are gluten and dairy.  The bottom line is we are not meant to break down milk from a cow that was meant for her calf NOT humans.   A cow is a 700 lb animal.  Do you think our bodies and our genes know what to do with consuming something that was meant for an animal of that size?  Our bodies also  stop making the enzyme used to properly digest and metabolize milk sometime between the age of two and five.  To take it a step further, we are consuming these dairy products that are many times loaded with hormones and antibiotics which further damage our guts and confuse our endocrine system.  Further studies are needed but is it possible these are the leading cause of the current epidemic of  obesity and children reaching puberty prematurely?  Even if you drink organic milk, it doesn’t make up for the fact that milk is simply hard for our bodies to properly break it down.

Sure you can take a blood or skin test to see if you are allergic to milk/casein.  The caution here is the same issue as gluten, just because the test comes back negative does NOT mean that you or your child doesn’t have a problem with dairy.  The only sure way to see if you have an issue with it, is to stop eating it entirely.  I stopped eating gluten as we know long before I cut back on dairy.  I tested cutting dairy out completely and guess what, I now have GI symptoms when I eat it.  The good news is just like the growing variety of yummy gluten free products, there is the same growth of variety in the dairy free market.  There are substitutes for ANYTHING that contains dairy.  You can try anything from rice milk and almond milk to dairy free shredded cheese made by a company called Daiya.  This brand even makes gluten free dairy fozen pizza’s.  The point is, there is a market for this not because a few doctors here and there have crazy ranting’s of the dangers of dairy.  There is a true growing number of people that need to consume these products to feel and be healthy.  This is becoming mainstream for a reason.  Give it a try and see if getting rid of this food from your diet could be the key to your health and ultimate happiness.  It’s depressing to feel sick.  This could be another key to the puzzle.  Make sure to take a calcium supplement when you remove dairy and always stay on stop of your vitamin D levels.   Take it from me or read some additional supporting articles below for more information.





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