Life After The Launch of “The Race To Recovery”

chris kate and I book signing night

Chris, Kate and I at the book launch.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since we had our official book launch for The Race To Recovery.  It started with an event we had in my hometown where we aligned ourselves with our favorite charity, Documenting Hope (formerly known as The Canary Kid Project).  It was a dream come true for us! We had our family and friends in attendance but more importantly there were faces that we didn’t know.  These were the faces that touched me the most, the faces who came because they were looking for answers, for some reason to understand why a book like ours had to be written.  We signed some books and I gave a talk on our journey and why we felt our story needed to be told.  Then we had the head of Epidemic Answers, Beth Lambert speak about Documenting Hope before showing a clip of the documentary she is on a mission to have made.  After all, this was the woman who had shown me the way to heal our family.  It was an honor to present with her.  After watching the trailer, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.   We watched parent after parent talk about the heartbreak of having a child with autism or a child who was so hyper-sensitive they couldn’t go outside and play.  There was a mother replaying what it was like to watch her child come close to death after having an allergic reaction.  At the end of the film though, which is always our favorite part, we saw the recovery and the healing. We saw the child who could barely go outside swinging and playing in the sun.  The mother who had a son who couldn’t communicate in the past , tells the story of what he said on his ride home after his  first day of school, “I’m proud of you, Mom”.  So we start out with confusion, tears of sadness and unimaginable worry but you end up with hope.  (Click to watch trailer below.)

gluten free expo pic

The Gluten Free Expo.

The first event after the launch was hitting the Gluten Free Expo to start selling and signing more books.  As we know, simply eating a gluten free diet isn’t the answer to getting healthy.  It’s a piece of the puzzle.  If you have asthma or ADHD and you switch to eating gluten free junk food, the outcome won’t be as powerful as eating whole foods and veggies with some healthy gluten alternatives in the mix.  This was my message at this event.  It was so special to see children walk away happily with the book.  My hope was that they no longer felt different and knew that someone had a similar story and understood what they were going through.

Maria, Kathleen and I

Maria Rickert Hong of “Almost Autism” and Kathleen DiChiara of “The Hidden Connection” at the Whole Foods Book Launch.

I then went on to a book launch at Whole Foods in New York City which was very exciting.  In the world of health, if you’ve made it into Whole Foods, you’ve made it.  That’s what they tell me anyway:)  Afterward, I went with two fellow authors and now friends of mine Maria Rickert Hong of “Almost Autism”  and Kathleen DeChiara  of “The Hidden Connection”  as we spoke to a mother’s group.  You see Maria had recovered her sons from sensory processing disorder and Kathleen’s son had a severe form of Autism and is also now recovered.  We were a team of proof that there is another way and there is hope!  The group we spoke to had children that were very young.  Without scaring them, well we hoped anyway, we spoke to them about what they can do to PREVENT some of the pain and confusion we had gone through.  We spoke about diet, the overuse of antibiotics and watching out for the common signs that your child may be at risk for allergies, autism, asthma and ADHD.  We walked away praying that they took in some of our hard learned life lessons and that they were able to enjoy each minute with their beautiful happy and healthy children and not have to worry about sickness, medication and an abundance of doctors visits.

 I then attended the conference of the school I’m currently attending, the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City.  On the stage in front of thousands, I  proudly announced my book’s title and tag line and the fact that my son and I had written it together.   At this point we were happy to say that our book had now risen to be an Amazon Best Seller under Children’s Health/Allergies.  This is something we could only dream of and are so grateful to everyone who has helped to make this happen.

on stage

Announcing the launch of The Race To Recovery at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

We capped the week off with doing a presentation to a local boy scout troop.  We spoke to them about making healthy choices and how much sugar is consumed today and what healthier alternatives are available.   It is our mission as we continue to spread the word and speak to groups both large and small, that through our message others are given different endings as well…endings full of hope and RECOVERY!

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