Making Sense of the Madness

Fed UpI’ve been reading so much lately that is concerning and frankly overwhelming.  When thinking of what to write for my new post,  I found it hard to choose between the various articles and studies that have come out in the last week.   (See all below)  There was the study regarding how much sugar is in the average kid’s cereal choice.  We might as well throw them a candy bar for breakfast.  Then we had the staggering fact that 1/3 of children born in 2,000 will be diabetic at some point in their lives.  Thankfully, there is great fan fare around the riveting documentary Fed Up which is stirring the pot and shedding light on the food industry and the poor health of our nation.   How about the article discussing how 10,000 2 and 3 year olds are now being prescribed ADHD meds?  Dare I bring up the latest cancer statistics?  So what to focus on and where to begin?

Those who know me, know that I have an insane love for this country.  I was once made fun of for the amount of “flag” shirts I owned.  I get choked up at the mere site of a service man or woman.  I can not even fathom their sacrifice or courage.  This is partially the reason for my outrage about what is going on in this country that I love so much.  What are we doing to our citizens?  What are we doing to our CHILDREN?

This much I know.  We are Americans and when we see injustice, there is action.  I think we have been asleep for years because we are so incredibly busy with our lives.  There were conversations, maybe an article here or there that we paid attention to but now there is a steady stream of the same alarming information.  Even worse and more profound, WE-ARE-SICK!   Our citizens are riddled with obesity, diabetes, autism, life threatening food allergies, asthma, cancer and the list goes one.  We have now noticed our lives are greatly affected by our health and our children’s health and we are starting to question.  We are starting to stop and think.  We are starting to organize and say enough is enough.

I have no doubt this country will unify and send a message loud and clear to the powers that be that we are in fact fed up.  So what are the marching orders?

For starters:

1.  Take out the food dyes and artificial preservatives in our food  that we know are poison.   We know this because they have been studied and banned in other countries.  Did you know that in this country artificial food dyes are used in M& M’s but in Europe they use natural coloring?  Click on the link for more information.

2.  Test the 80,000 UNTESTED chemicals that are currently in our environment.  We are ingesting a toxic cocktail of pesticides, mercury, lead and formaldehyde on a daily basis.  Did we not think this would catch up with our country?

3.  Our doctors need to take a look at our current medical protocol and ask the question, “Why have the prescriptions that I am writing increased to epidemic proportions?  Why are my youngest patient’s cabinets filled with inhalers, antibiotics and epi-pens?”   (A heartfelt thank you to the doctors who are!) Doctors need to stop lifelessly writing out one prescription after the next without asking the simple question of – WHY?

4.  We as consumers can send a message as well.  We can choose what products we buy and what products we boycott.  As we know, money talks and when a company’s bottom line is impacted you can bet that will bring about change.

So to the powers that be again I say this, America is speaking to you.  This is not how we grew up, this is not what we want for our children.  We need our health back because we know there is nothing more precious.  It affects every aspect of life and at the moment, we simply don’t have it.  That said, I do believe we will get it back.   We The People are speaking in larger numbers with a more united voice and stronger message each dayI believe we will be heard and in the end we will prevail.


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