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health coachingWhen I started on this journey, I simply wanted to heal my family.  I realized when we were so incredibly blessed to do so, it wasn’t enough.  I wanted to save others from feeling overwhelmed and confused as I had in the beginning.  My first step was writing this blob.  I wanted to shout from the roof tops everything that I had done and learned so that others could benefit.  During the same time, I got the idea of writing our children’s chapter book for those who were also going through this process of feeling scared and alone.  In an almost surreal moment, two people in the same day came up to me and told me that I should look into IIN.  I had never heard of IIN and had no idea what it stood for until I looked it up.

I learned that IIN or the Institute of Integrative Nutrition was EXACTLY what I was looking for at this very stage of my life.  The education I received complimented each aspect of my life perfectly.  I continued to go deeper into nutritional theories and recovery strategies.  I explored primary foods including relationships, career and stress and how they can play  a major role in the overall health picture.   I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach.   I still get to tell my story but now I get to do it in an intimate setting as I meet with clients one and one and organize group workshops.  I look forward to my career as a health coach, author, speaker and always last but not least… a Mom:)  If you are interested in my health coaching programs click here to find out more.  Colleen Cimador, IIN Holistic Health Coach



  1. Kathy O'Reilley says:

    Hi Colleen,
    I’m loving your website!!! Wondering if I can use material from it as I’m promoting AutismOne here in the Chicagoland area? Would love to connect with you at AutismOne!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Of course and yes let’s connect next week. I will be at the Treating ADHD Natrually Conference all day Wednesday and would love to chat!

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