Right around the time I was dealing with some health challenges, I started asking myself,  “Why are our children so sick?”  I Compromised-Gen-front-coverdon’t remember anyone having severe food allergies when I was young or having ADHD or autism.  As I was asking these questions and praying for an answer, everyone around me was asking them too.  I discovered there would be a reading of a new book that had just come out called, “A Compromised Generation” by Beth Lambert.  It was literally right down the street from me at the library.  God couldn’t have been any clearer with helping me to find my answer. “God, why is this happening to my child and so many others?”  Go to your local library, the answer awaits you:)

I couldn’t believe how topical it was for me and so I went with an open heart and mind.  That night started me on our current path and changed everything.   The author had been through so much of what I had been through and she had found answers.  The beginning of the lecture was daunting but the end was beautiful.  It was a message of hope.  I was shocked to discover there was a plan to change the course of my family’s life and heal the damage.  I was hooked. That wonderful author, Beth Lambert is an angel and a warrior and I can never thank her enough!

A Compromised Generation was the first book I read to get me started.  It led me to my medical team.  During my research one thing I noticed was a common thread.  These authors were all trying to shout from the rooftops.   Something is wrong with our environment and food and we need to find a better way to heal the childhood epidemic of sickness.  We need to wake up, change the way we live and take back our health that has been slipping away from us for years.

Our mistakes were easy to make.  We were given FDA approved foods that were easy to make and cheap to purchase.  The FDA told us these foods were safe so we believed them.  Sadly, we are now dealing with a food-based epidemic and we need to change the way we shop, prepare our food and eat.  We all need to ask questions, research and take action.

Below I have listed some of the books and organizations that have helped me the most on this journey.

A Compromised Generation by Beth Lamert

Achieving Victory Over  A Toxic World by Mark Schauss, MBA, DB

Healthy Child Healthy World, by Christopher Gavigan

Online Organizations

Talk About Curing Autism,

Epidemic Answers,

Healthy Child Healthy World

Feingold Association,

Environmental Working Group,

TACA Talk About Curing Autism

Center for Integrated Health

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