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Here comes the fun part!  So you have gone gluten free and possibly dairy free and the kids may have a few additional food Dinerallergies thrown in there to make eating out and food shopping extra interesting.  Are the days of being able to get out and enjoy not cooking while being served a good glass of  wine over?  Thank heavens, NO!  You just have to do your research and always have an open line of communication with the right people at the restaurant.  Luckily for you, I have the research part taken care of…your welcome:)  Check out the list below for tips and local gluten friendly eateries.

Tips for eating out: 

1.   If the server has the deer in headlights look when you say you’re gluten free, nicely ask to speak to the manager.

2.  If you have celiac or get sick after you eat gluten please refer to it as a gluten allergy.  If you don’t they will think you are joining the latest dieting fad and laugh in the back as they pick croutons off of your salad while rolling their eyes.

3.  If you are ordering anything fried (french fries!) make sure to ask if they use a separate fryer for the french fries.  If they don’t your fries are being cooked with breaded chicken nuggets and chicken wings.

4.  Some salad dressings and things you would never even think of contain gluten so always just ask to make sure even if you think your meal is obviously gluten free.  I was surprised to learn that many times eggs contain gluten!

5.  Get the app Find Me Gluten Free.  It has changed my life, it’s awesome.  Wherever you are in the country, open this app and it will list gluten free restaurants.  Not only will it list where to go but it will give reviews from patrons and a mark to how they rate with their gluten safety!

Great allergen friendly restaurants:

Rizzuto’s- They have gluten free pizza and pasta and also cater parties with locations in Stamford and Westport

Bar Taco- Thankfully not only is the entire menu almost all gluten free but so are the marguerite’s!

Station Eats-  http://stationeats.comMy kids love this place for their awesome burgers and they have a dedicated fryer for their amazing fries.

California Pizza Kitchen-   I have yet to try this out but I know they have recently added gluten free pizza to their menu.

Heights Pizza- kids say that this is the best gluten free delivered pizza around.  I agree!  If you call most pizza places these days, I must say most of them deliver gluten free pizza to your door step!

Georgie’s- Now we found this diner off of 95 on our way to Vermont one weekend.  A gluten free truck stop I thought?  Well, we pulled off the exit after we saw a billboard that advertised that they had yummy gluten free options.  It’s a 1950′s soda shop feel and they had delicious dishes from breakfast to dinner.  The kids loved it as diners are usually very tough for us because of our multiple food allergies.

Mac’It –    I haven’t tried it yet but for the kids this may be a hit.  Especially if you are newly gluten free and want to make them feel like there are still great yummy places to go and eat!

1020 Post – is great about understanding the gluten free lifestyle.  They will even offer you a potato vodka cocktail to go along with my favorite dish of grilled shrimp and mashed potatoes’.  Delicious!


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  1. Caryn says:

    Great website. Very important work that you are doing. Will you also be looking at vaccines?

    I was wondering if you are familiar with Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. She healed her son of autism and many others with serious illnesses through a dietary protocol. Also, the Weston A. Price Foundation which teaches what a healthy diet really is based on research and study of healthy native populations.

    Best of luck to you.

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