How Dare We Go Gluten Free!

gluten free breadThe Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine came out with scathing articles on the phenomenon that has become the gluten free lifestyle.  They joke about how everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and how all of the positive health results the public is experiencing has nothing to do with going gluten free.  They laugh that “naive” consumers buy gluten free products that were gluten free to being with.  They claim it’s all a big marketing scheme to make money with no health benefits other than to those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity.

Well, I’ve had enough of the snarky comments and being insulted for being a zombie like consumer that just buys anything on the grocery store shelf simply because it is marketed well.

There are so many holes in this article I don’t even know where to begin.   I will simply highlight the main points that were utterly missed or shall I say dismissed.

There was NO mention of what has happened to gluten over the decades and that it is unrecognizable to the wheat we had eaten as children.  It has been engineered to grow faster and stronger and is lathered with a healthy dose of glyphosate.  What is glyphosate you ask?  It is Round Up which has been brought to you by none other than Monsanto.  Do you think our stomachs and immune systems aren’t being affected by this change in the way gluten is grown?  Do you think children’s guts can handle all of the pesticides?  Was there a mention of the amazing recoveries of children with autism who give up gluten and casein?  Do you know how many thousands of parents could say with tears in their eyes that doing this enabled their children to speak to them and give them a hug for the first time?  No, it’s all for money and the silly consumer who gobbles it up.

You see the difference with this fad as opposed to the low fat or low carb diets of years past is that this originated with the public.  This is something the GENERAL PUBLIC is asking for and demanding because something is very wrong and too many people are sick, too many children are being medicated.

Maybe instead of making fun of those who are feeling better on gluten free diets, we could have a take away.

Consumers who are on gluten free diets and continue to eat gluten free sweets, muffins breads etc.. and things that are loaded with sugar and fats will not lose weight.  In fact they will probably gain it.  The examples used in the Wall Street article are comical.  They are listing Betty Crocker cake mix  and Rice Chex cereal and wondering why gluten free isn’t being touted by ALL medical professional as being healthy.  Those who attempt to eat a whole foods diet and utilize healthy gluten free foods when needed such as occasional breads and pasta, will most likely improve their health issues and feel better.  It is well known by numerous studies and backed by many high profile medical doctors that gluten and dairy are the WORST offenders in causing inflammation.  This is something that the authors of both articles simply have no knowledge of.  Please see some referenced articles below.

Unlike the articles in the WSJ and Time, I will not criticize or belittle them for being misinformed but choose to disagree with their findings.  There is such a larger story to gluten than it’s marketing or it’s silly consumers.  Both of these articles have simply missed the point.    Given the state of health in this nation, I say we give a big thank you to the citizens in this country who are trying to improve their health by eating well and avoiding foods known to cause illness.  You won’t find me making fun of them but maybe listening to them as they may actually have something very vital to say.

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