Our Lost Generation of Children: The Canary Kids Project

Compromised-Gen-front-coverI cry each time I watch the video beside this post.  I cry for two reasons.  The first reason for my tears is that so many children are being lost.  So many parents are simply wishing to be able to lead normal lives.  You know those busy days of sports practices and one game after the next that we sometimes complain about?  There is a growing number of families that are DYING to have that experience.   A father is desperately hoping that his son can be coordinated enough to play catch with him.  A mother’s heart breaks as she watches the kids on the playground leave her daughter aside because she acts “weird” or makes funny noises.  This isn’t what it’s supposed to be like.  It’s not supposed to be about epi-pens, nebulizers and therapy to learn how to have fun with friends or climb on a playground.

Our children are sick.  Something is very wrong and The Canary Kids Project is the answer.  This project can prove that there is a solution to this epidemic and all of the pain and agony that so many parents have to go through.  You see, the second reason I cry is because of my joy and gratitude for the woman who is producing this film and heading up the project.  Her name is Beth Lambert (www.epidemicanswers.org) and I went to hear her  speak about her book, A Compromised Generation at a time when my family was dealing with multiple health issues.  She started our family on a road to recovery.  A road that began with hopelessness, illness and a loss of dreams and it ended with healing.

Beth is on a mission.  She has a team of high profile medical doctors that will be doing a SCIENTIFIC study to finally prove that children can and do recover.  This project affects us all.  This project should be front and center in the medical community and in your own community.  We are talking about an entire generation of children and at the rate we are going soon half of the next generation will be autistic.  Food allergies, asthma, ADHD, diabetes, SPD are all sky rocketing out of control.  If this doesn’t affect your children you better believe it will affect their children.  Please help Beth get her message of hope out to the masses and prove once and for all that environment and nutrition can play a major role in illness prevention and recovery.

To all of the parents out there struggling for normalcy, I will keep fighting the fight so that we all can experience healing at the end of the road.




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