The Race To Recovery: The Story We Lived and the Book We Wrote!

FINAL COVERIt’s just past my son’s 10th birthday and I sit here in amazement of how fast the time has gone by.  I look at him and can’t believe that the little baby I used to hold is playing video games and rocking out to his favorite tunes.  It wasn’t always life as usual for us though.  We had years of hard work, some pain, some tears and a whole lot of learning that needed to be done before we got to this point.  If you have read my story or followed my blog, you know that my family has had it’s share of health dramas.  I am so thankful that we have come out on the other side.

The reason I haven’t posted in quite some time is due to the face I have immersed myself into a project that I can only hope will help others.  We hope that it will not only help parents but more importantly, their children.  There are so many kids suffering today from allergies, asthma, eczema, ADHD, autism, diabetes, learning disabilities and the list goes on.  When this happens, there are two avenue’s to take.  You can get the medicine you are prescribed by the doctor to deal with all of the above or you can go down another path.  This path searches deeper into the question of what isn’t working right in our bodies.  If our child’s body isn’t functioning correctly, these symptoms of chronic childhood illness then present themselves.  So then we must ask the following questions;

What exactly isn’t working right?

Am I eating the right food?

Am I going to the right Doctors?

When you actually get to the right doctors or read the right books, you find the answers that you were looking for but at the same time you have opened a can of worms.  You realize that there are things that can be done but what has to be done is hard and life changing.  This is something that the parents must deal with but what about the actual child?  Where is the book for them to read about what is happening and why?  My son was told that he could no longer eat gluten, nuts or shellfish.  Like many children with celiac or food allergies this can be a tough blow.

It’s not an easy thing for them to accept and the game plan can be a hard one.  That said, many times simply changing the foods we eat can make ALL the difference.  It can literally alter the course of one’s life.  Furthermore, many of the foods we are eating today are literally toxic and made up of chemicals instead of real food.  Even the healthy fruits and vegetables we are trying to get into our children can be loaded with the worst and most harmful type of chemicals.  We then wonder why our children’s brains and bodies aren’t working as they should.  It’s no big mystery.

So the project I have been working on is a book.  There are many books written for the parents on this topic but very little is out there that specifically speaks to the child.  In a fun and hopefully entertaining way the book tells this generation of kids about how food is made today, how it’s grown, what is sprayed onto it and how traditional medicine deals with illness.   Most of all, it gives the reader a game plan of getting healthy!

I hope this book will explain to your child that what goes into their body has a direct effect on their health.  We hope that if they do have to change their diet that they know they are NOT alone.  There are many children and families that are eating more and more whole organic healthy foods to improve their health and happiness.  We ask you to come and enjoy our story about a little boy who ran a race and at the end there was healing and….RECOVERY!


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