Your Gut: So Much More Than a Stomach

stomachSo if you have visited my blog before you would know that I talk about the gut to the point of exhaustion.  Yes, a healthy gut can be the key to so many issues.  That said, it’s not simply the health of the physical gut that should be a major point of focus.  It’s also the gut that tells you something is off or that something is totally right.  I think all too often we ignore it or question where it is coming from in the first place.  Why do we do this?  I think it could literally be one of the most powerful tools we are armed with in this life.  Maybe if we turned off our phones, sat alone for two minutes and took a couple of deep breaths we might actually be ready to receive some of the answers to many of the questions we have been asking.

The main reason I started this blog was to help people and to save them from some of the pain, stress and confusion that I had gone through.  One of the most vital lessons I learned on my journey is simply that the gut is a gift.  It has been given to us to guide us.  When I was a new mom and was told to give multiple medications to my infant, I did but it didn’t feel right.  When I was told that surgery was needed at 10 months, I went ahead with it but it didn’t feel right.  It was when I started listening to my gut and working on being strong enough to follow it that my life was forever changed.

If you are questioning your health or the health of your children,  if you are wondering that something isn’t right when packing your child’s overloaded medicine pack, then listen to your gut.  Maybe there is another way.

I hope that I can offer some answers and direction with this blog.  Maybe I can and maybe it’s not for you but that’s ok because you have your gut to guide you.  Be still and listen to it, the answer might be there just waiting for you to notice it.


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